About Us

Future Resources was established in 2014 under the investment law in Egypt and since then it has grown steadily through adopting a unique philosophy in business development in the various activities in gulf region.
Future Resources was established by investors and technical people in GCC counties. The investors have long and vast history in the business that spans over four decades. The technical partners, on the other hand, served in their industries for more than 30 years. This amalgamation of business and industrial experience has positioned Future Resources at a competitive edge within a short period of time. Future Resources adopt out of the box approach to hunt new and non-conventional business opportunities that are overseen by others.
Future Resources operates recently in the Gulf region and plan to stretches their business arms to other countries as well, through their alliances with reputable companies around the world.
Future Resources is relatively young but it was able to establish a noticeable footprint in its area of expertise in the gulf region and MENA area and was able to sustain its market position in a highly turbulent business environment.


We will be among the best companies in MENA area and Gulf Region to provide creative, reliable and cost-effective solutions in related business scope.


We are Egyptian company focused their business in gulf region to provide diversified scope of business in environmental services, chemical trading, food industry and now starts new scope in AI health-tech services through introducing proven technologies and adopting an out of the box approach to hunt new and non-conventional business opportunities that are overseen by others. Our creative people keep an open-minded prospect of the future trends and needs and translate them to reality.


Each client is a unique client for us. Our technical team and our sales & support staff are dedicated to accomplishing the highest level of quality in our work at all times. Each individual assigned to any undertaking is expected to reflect our commitment to quality results and extend this philosophy into all entities that may affect the overall quality of our performance.

Chairman Message

As a newly started company Future Resources is proud that it was able to position themselves in a competitive market among big player. Thanks to our team and our technical partners who provided the support to penetrate the market. Future Resources has a vast network in the industry that built the trust with our customers and many projects were awarded to the company as a single source.
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